Top 5 Pick Movie Posters of 2017

IMG_4564Keanu Reeves stars in this film, which is directed by Chad Stahelski.  The black and white photography, with a splash of red in this movie poster is a winner. A great poster for the John Wick film series.

IMG_4565This movie poster is bright and colorful, and is the perfect poster for the modern day crime thriller starring Robert Patterson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It’s a perfect image to draw an audience.

IMG_4566This film poster is captivating because of its nostalgic appeal.  The movie is a crime film/ thriller written and directed by Edgar Wright. The poster is wonderfully made to promote the comedic crime film.

IMG_4567The colors of this poster are amazing and captivating. It is a gorgeous poster with a rainbow in the sky running through the middle of it. It truly makes someone want to see this movie by Sean Baker.

IMG_4568Last but not least, this film poster is striking and strong. It is definitely not one to be missed.

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