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Trending Book Review- Mrs. Fletcher

IMG_4570Here we have another New York Times bestseller written by Tom Perrotta. It is a captivating novel where Mrs. Eve Fletcher receives anonymous texts like she has never experienced before. Her only son Brendan is leaving for college, and shortly before he leaves, she becomes curious about his online conversations. She is not yet familiar with social texting and language, but soon that changes. She wonders who sent her anonymous text messages, and when she searches for what they are, she dives into the online world of porn. She then becomes obsessed with a lifestyle of porn, and begins a life with consequences and the desire for human compatibility. While her son Brendan is away at school he faces his own challenges about college life and ideas about sex.  Both mother and son face issues in this clever, well written novel.  Tom Perrotta, author of other novels such as The Leftovers, Election, and Little Children presents the audience with another hit novel. It is recommended if you are looking for a witty top seller.

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