The Coral Reefs

Photographs by Jodi Shencup/sungwen


Today I was thinking about the beautiful coral reefs that are in the ocean.  These pictures above that I took and edited with Snapseed, are from an aquarium that I visited in Sarasota, FL a few years ago.  As I was looking at them, I got to thinking about our beautiful sea, and The Great Barrier Reef located off the shoreline of Queensland, Australia. The coral reefs there are home to many marine species, and it is known as the largest coral reef area in the world. I decided to write a short blog about the importance of our underwater rainforest, how it is important to stop polluting it, and instead protect it.  I first heard about the coral reef project when I was in college and listening to The Grateful Dead. I discovered that Bob Weir’s sister was an activist for the project, I became intrigued, and donated to the fund.  Since then, there have been numerous articles and documentaries about the spectacular coral reefs and how we need to stop filling their environment with toxins such as bleach and plastic. We need to remember that they our part of the world too, and much too valuable to be destroyed. Let’s keep our world clean and protect the ocean.  I just wanted to share this quick piece of information with you. If you feel inspired, you can contribute to saving the gorgeous coral reefs, and stop animal abuse of all kinds for that matter. Best Regards, Jodi Shencup/sungwen

The Coral Reefs below- A beautiful picture that I found online. Let’s keep them protected.


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