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Amazon Announces Finalists For Their Second Headquarters

IMG_4587    Amazon, the online giant for shopping, just announced that their second location will be called Amazon HQ2, a multi billion dollar construction site that will offer an estimated 50,000 jobs in addition to their existing location in Seattle, WA.   Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said that their second location will be ” a full equal” to their current one.  That’s great news for us online shoppers who love the option of having many products shipped directly to our home or business.   Amazon, a favorite for online shopping for a items such as electronics, health and beauty, books, videos, clothes, and much more, will work with each of the chosen cities to evaluate which one will be the final choice for the future.  It is expected that they will announce the final choice sometime this year.  While cities eagerly wait for the decision, and are excited about the possibility of their community benefiting from economic growth, the online superstore is still deciding which city from the final top twenty list will be home for their second headquarters.  It has been reported that Amazon HQ2 will create tens of billions of dollars in investment in the chosen city for its community, so they have an important decision to make. Being a personal shopper, and fan of Amazon, I’m sure they will make the best decision for both their company and customers.  I’ve ordered many items from clothes to electronics from them, and never once been disappointed. They have narrowed their selection of cities down from 238 to 20.   Here is their top twenty list of candidate cities to be home for their second headquarters.

1.) Atlanta, GA

2). Austin, TX

3). Boston, MA

4). Chicago, IL

5). Columbus, OH

6). Dallas, TX

7). Denver, CO

8). Indianapolis, IN

9). Los Angeles, CA

10). Miami, FL

11). Montgomery County, MD

12). Nashville, TN

13). Newark, NJ

14). New York City, NY

15). Northern Virginia

16). Philadelphia, PA

17). Pittsburgh, PA

18). Raleigh, NC

19). Toronto, Ontario

20). Washington, DC



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