For The Love Of Elephants


This afternoon I wanted to present you with a couple of pictures, and a little write up about the magnificient elephants in our world.  I’ve alway loved all animals, both domestic and ones in wildlife as well. Elephants have been American icons as far as I am concerned because of their charismatic presence in magazines, folklore , cartoons, and of course the zoo and circus. I just pray that they are treated nicely, and would prefer them in the wild.  What’s worse is ivory trade where the elephants are poached for their ivory tusks. I wish it would stop, and they would be left alone. The elephants are much too valuable to be treated this way.  Elephants are large, animated mammals, that are living and breathing in our world. They should be given the respect that they diserve. Three amazing species are commonly known. One, the African bush elephant. Second, the African forest elephant. Both have large ears and curved backs. Third, is the Asian elephant, which has smaller ears and straight backs. Elephants obviously are large animals, and they love to migrate and stay near bodies of water. Their trademark trunks serve many purposes such as breathing and lifting. What I find amazing is that when they flap their ears they can control temperature. I find them much too precious to be disregarded. Their well known tusks can be used for a multitude of tasks such as digging and moving things. They also can be used for protection. I truly wish the threat of ivory trade would stop. On the flip side of things, there are many elephant lovers and supporters. There are popular magazines such as National Geographic that publish beautiful pictures of wildlife such as elephants, and fabulous writeups about their lives in the wild. I love beautiful pictures of animals in the wild, and I hope you will too. Their superior presence is captured so nicely that the pictures are too good not to publish and love. May the love for our wildlife, and elephants continue and be captured only in pictures and art, instead of the hands of greedy people wanting their ivory. I hope you’ve enjoyed this write up today, for the love of elephants, and the love of photography and art.

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