Dangerous Foods To Never Feed Your Dog

pexels-photo-813467.jpegWe all have to protect our pets, and there is no better way than avoiding toxic foods that may be good for people, but deadly for dogs. For those pet owners who are not aware of harmful food to dogs, here is a list of them.

1). Chocolate- Although a delicious treat for people, chocolate is poisonous to dogs. It contains theobromine, which is similar to caffeine. If a dog ingests it, their central nervous system can be affected, kidney failure can occur, vomiting, and seizures can happen. Make sure to never feed your dog chocolate.

2). Onions- Dogs can experience stomach problems if they eat onions, and even red blood cell damage and anemia can occur.

3). Grapes And Raisins- Some may find it hard to believe that a fruit could be harmful to an animal, but dogs cannot properly digest grapes or raisins. They have a different digestive system from humans, and if they eat grapes or raisins they can have serious kidney problems. Unfortunately, the yummy fruit is toxic to them.

4). Xylitol- Artificial Sweetner found in sugar free gum, sodas, and diet foods can cause extremely low sugar levels in dogs, and can be fatal. Seizures can occur.

5). Macadamia Nuts- These nuts are toxic for dogs because increased body temperature can occur, along with weakness, tremors, depression, and vomiting.

6). Yeast Dough- If eaten, a dogs intestines can be blocked.

7). Alcohol- A dog should never ingest alcohol because it can cause tremors, coma, difficulty breathing, and even death.

8). Caffeine-Dogs can’t have caffeine, similar to chocolate. Caffeine is a stimulant, which can cause dogs to vomit, and have central nervous system problems.

I hope this list will be helpful to all of you in keeping your loved dogs healthy and safe.

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