The Stiletto Pump Pushes On In The Fashion World


Pumps have dated all the way back to the tenth century, and still are a fashion statement. Throughout the years stiletto pupms, and shoes in general have been worn for fashion, and are an accessory to help lift style and stature. The stiletto is actually a work of art in my opinion. The glamour, the shape, and the style is so cool. As many well known actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo played a big part in the popularization of the pump, the importance of the shoe along with its design factor came to the surface. From the common shoe to the flamboyant pump, we all need them. I personally love shoes, boots, and heels. From evening shoes to classic pumps, I recommend hand made to those of you who might be interested, and are pros at walking in them. For those who want a smaller heel, I recommend evening boots,or evening sandals. French designs are very elegant and stylish too. A good example of a smaller heel compared to the adored high heel pump, are Nancy Sinatra’s boots that she wore during her performances of “these boots were made for walking.” Today, hats off to the fashionable, stylish, sexy pump, the design factor that goes into them, and shoes and shoemakers everywhere.

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