Liberty Making The World Go Around


One of the most well known statues in the world, The Statue of Liberty is an iconic one. I felt like posting a picture of our United States statue, which was originally a gift from France, because I love the pictures that have been taken of her over the years. I also love the design and sculpting aspect of the prominent copper statue. The National Monument on Liberty Island in New York City represents freedom and strength. Today, I hope that all of you viewing are having everything that you desire, and the insight to build and create anything you want just as the beautiful Statue of Liberty was built. Here’s a picture of The Statue of Liberty for you to admire, and look to for inspiration.

Landscape, Photography

California Dreaming

Photograph by Jodi Shencup/sungwen

The Pacific Ocean is definitely a sight to see. I took this picture while in San Diego, CA. I definitely recommend visiting the area for outdoor life, good food, art galleries, and of course the beautiful weather. I wish all of you a wonderful weekend whether you’re in snow or on a warm beach somewhere. Happy Friday.

Landscape, Photography

Lake Placid, NY

Photograph by Jodi Shencup/sungwen


Here is a picture that I took of Lake Placid, NY when I visited there a couple of years ago. I was able to see the well known ski resort Whiteface, and had a wonderful dinner there. I have since edited the picture, and as you can see the rolling hills are showing through the wine glass. For those who appreciate fine wine and photography, this picture that I took hopefully will depict both for you. Today, enjoy your winter activities, wineries, and cool photography.